Limits of the Numerical: Application Details

Research Fellow Application

  1. Letter of application (2-5 pages single-spaced) describing your educational and research background and interest in the project
  2. A C.V. comprising a list of publications, presentations, and relevant professional activities
  3. A research bibliography - maximum 1 additional page)
  4. Letters of recommendation (2)
  5. Publications in a pdf format (2) (English abstract if publications are in another language)
  6. Statement of teaching experience and philosophy

In your letter, please specify:

  • The research questions your work seeks to address
  • Your research procedures and methods
  • The relevance and connections of your research to a wider academic context?
  • The interdisciplinary dimension of the research
  • Motivation for participating in this project?
  • Contributions you would like to make to this project

Please send a combined pdf (one file) to both
Christopher Newfield <>
Bishnupriya Ghosh <>




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