Innovation Crisis

Cognitive capitalism or knowledge capitalism is the pride and joy of high-income countries. It emphasizes technology-driven innovation, organized by the private sector. We investigate problems with this model and explore alternatives

Our general investigations

  • Can contemporary innovation theory cope with the innovation crisis in high-income countries?
  • Is innovation being damaged by too much emphasis on technology and too little on cultural and social factors?
  • Why can't current innovation practice successfully develop an environmentally vital technology like 2nd and 3rd generation solar photovoltaic manufacturing?
  • What new cultural and social goals would fix the current innovation system?

Affiliated Personnel


Innovation Theory Website

  • Can Rich Countries Still Innovate? Cultural and Technical Papers on a New Innovation Model ed. With Daryl Boudreaux (in preparation, due 2013).

Solar Futures: Science and Business Life in the Race against Climate Change

  • Why is solar photovoltaic manufacturing going bankrupt at the same time as it installs more solar panels than ever before? Do practitioners have good ideas about how to turn things around?

Crucible Network - Policy research

  • Crucible is a research network that originated in the University of Cambridge in 2001, and has since become the largest organization in the world dedicated to promoting rigorous research collaboration between technologists and researchers in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AH&SS).

Whatever Happened to Solar Innovation


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